Friday, March 1, 2013

Playing hookey.

Wednesday we had an amazing snow storm.  It dropped LOTS of snow - the wet, heavy kind.  I think Americans called it a blizzard, but here in Canada it's just a storm.

So yesterday after school, a snow ball fight ensued...from the bus stop all the way home.  And after doing her homework, Kerri settled in to watch a movie before going to Brownies.  Except she didn't.

She could hear all the kids playing outside, laughing, and she started to cry and yell: "I HATE asthma!  I HATE that I have to stay inside instead of playing outside!  I HATE it!"

So that's when I decided that instead of forcing her to stay inside, and forcing her to keep her commitment and go to Brownies, I would break all the rules, no matter the consequences.

We suited up and went out to join the fun.  We made snowmen.  I helped two kids make a giant snowball and we pushed it all the way up the block to one of their houses (to the amusement of a pizza delivery guy who stopped to watch us and laugh).  I had a snowball fight with a neighbor.  We wrote with snow on the brick walls of my house.  (I wrote "Spring?" and took a picture and put it on Facebook).  One of the neighbor Dads saw us and laughed, and said: "Wishful thinking girls!"  Kerri slid down huge mountains of snow with her friends.  We got soaking wet, and our cheeks were bright red.  We had so much FUN!

Daddy called and disagreed with me - he said I was sending the wrong message to Kerri and that she had to keep her commitment.  I put my foot down.  I spend every day teaching my kid to do the right thing.  Just this once, I was making an exception and she understood that.  I want her to remember this - the fun, the laughter, the camaraderie with the neighbor kids. She spends enough time stuck indoors in winter because of her bloody asthma.  So to heck with commitment.  Aren't we all guilty of playing hookey at one time in our lives?  Well yesterday was the day.

We got in ten minutes before Daddy got home.  The neighbor kids were still on our front lawn playing, and I could hear Daddy giggle as he walked by.  He saw my "Spring?" sign, along with more words added by the kids.

And he said nothing.

After our normal welcome home greetings and kisses, Daddy and Kerri settled downstairs to finish watching the movie while I made dinner.  Kerri was happy.  Daddy was happy.  And so I broke another rule, and brought dinner downstairs into the family room so they could watch the movie while they ate.  I told them it was an exception.

What I didn't tell them is that I plan to break the rules every now and then in the future.  Because life is too short to not make exceptions.

Life with Kerri is living CARPE DIEM.


RamblingMother said...

In the south we would call your light dusting a blizzard. So glad you guys had a great day.

Tammie said...

Good for you! Every once in a great while we just have to break a rule or 2.