Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not really a very bad thing.

Not too long ago, it was Ash Wednesday.  Kerri was asked to lead the school prayer in the morning, and we practiced her lines so she would not be too nervous.  And since she is Jewish (but attending Catholic School), she was not too worried about having to give up anything for Lent.

So I was a bit surprised when she came home that day, looking very worried.  She said she did a very bad thing, and one of her peers told her she would be punished by G-d.

Before she even told me what she did, I told her I did not think G-d would punish her.  And then she told me what happened.

Apparently they held a mass at the school.  Children who had not had their communion were told to stay in their seats with their arms crossed on their chest.  But Kerri, who has an auditory processing issue, never heard that instruction in the noisy room.  So when all the kids who had been through their communion went up to partake of the host, Kerri followed them.

Kerri told me she ate the bread and was now going to be punished.  Her Daddy and I laughed.  We explained to her that she would not be punished at all.  And that G-d is a loving G-d who would understand she could not hear the instructions well.  And from now on, she understands she is not to "eat the bread" during mass, because she is not Catholic.

It took a few reassurances before her expression changed from fear to that of relief.  And then she proudly showed me her "dirty" forehead, and asked if that was O.K. too.

Life with Kerri is lucky to be blessed in many ways.


Love Letters To China said...

Oh my Vivian... your daughter is a hoot! How could you ever keep a straight face while she tells you her adventures at school. So sweet. :-)



RamblingMother said...

Learning early that G_d's mercies are new very morning!! love it! G refused to have the dirty forehead, she got it on her palm.

Tammie said...

Too cute! Of course, I'm wondering why Kerri's teacher didn't notice that she was heading up there & pull her out of the line.

Oh well.