Friday, January 4, 2013

Kerri goes on Shtrike!

Kerri woke up early, and after breakfast, Daddy decided to go back to bed.  So Kerri decided she would go on "strike", to protest the fact that Daddy was sleeping instead of playing with her.  She got comfy on the floor and proceeded to make her protest poster:

And this is what the poster looked like:

The poster said: "I'm on strike being a kid!".  It also showed a picture in green of Daddy playing with Kerri, and a picture in a red circle of Daddy sleeping, crossed out with a red line.  She also wrote: "Daddy doesn't want to play with me and he sleeps too much."  She then spent the next half hour walking up and down the hall in our room, with the poster up in the air and chanting: "Shtrike! Shtrike!", over and over again.

Daddy decided to put an end to the strike, by talking to Kerri.  And Kerri came up with the above pictured contract, which she signed and made her Daddy sign too.  It says: "dad will play with me for 1 hour at least. He will sleep for 30 minutes. And if he does not he owes me 1 loleypop, 1 hard candy, and 1 gum pack."

So Daddy played with Kerri.  And she complained that he took way too many breaks.  He advised her that he was used to taking breaks at work.  But she said that breaks were not part of her contract, and so he owed her time and had to make it up.

Life with Kerri accomplished quite a bit this morning!

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