Monday, January 28, 2013

A pirate's treasure for Wee Lady Thunder.

A few weeks ago, a box sent by Tia arrived in the mail.  (We were sick with the flu, so I apologize for the delay in posting this).  We woke Kerri up, and I grabbed my camera while she opened it (still clad in her pajamas):

A very sleepy Kerri (with dirty glasses, sorry) read a card that Tia sent inside.

And also in that box were very special presents from Tia and from the pirates...a LOT of pirate booty! Shiver Me Timbers!

Kerri loved the necklaces and the rings, and put each piece on as she took them out of the box.

And Kerri found many precious pirate treasures tucked in special pouches and boxes.

And she found lots of skulls to wear around her neck, in her ears, on her hat, etc!

Including this beautiful black bag she immediately filled up with her precious jewelry. And the pouch next to it which she filled up with more treasures, and shells!  And the gold purse, in which she put her real pirate coins!

And then she found this!  Which is now hanging up in her room.

It is a pirate flag that was autographed for Kerri by pirates.  She was beyond thrilled.  She can't wait to meet them all and join her crew!

And there was also a pirate tee-shirt...

...and another pirate shirt (and she wore both to school!)

Lady Soleste sent her this special box...

...full of beautiful hand made jewelry.  Kerri especially loved the blue ring, and asked "how did she do that?!"

And Raphael Vinci Art sent her these two beautiful hat pins (the pictures do not do them justice, you should look her up on Facebook!) :

There is a little monkey hanging from the pin (Kerri is the powder monkey in their pirate crew):

Kerri attached all her new pirate pins to her pirate hat!  Here she is trying to make her pirate face/scowl:

And here is a look at the other beautiful hat pin made for Kerri:

So in no particular order, (and my sincere apologies if I unintentionally misspelled your name, or left a part out - because some are hard to read on the flag), a huge Thank You to:

Tia aka "Glenda the Good Wench",
Raphael Vinci Art,
Lady Soleste,
Commodore Seamus Rumkiller,
Lady Athena Crimson,
Molly MacGuire,
Lady Reny,
William Pervious III,
William the Scott Master @ Arms,
Kitten Purr'n,
Spanish Lola,
Lady Scarlet,
Capt. Angelina,
Captain Kraven,
Teague the Red,
Lady Crookshanks,
Perdy Black,
Tiger Lee,
Helm (hard to make out the rest of the name, sorry!),
Kalie "Kerodragon" Walker,
and the many signatures I could not make out...

You all have made our powder monkey "Wee Lady Thunder" a very happy and proud pirate!  And she cannot wait to come to Florida and meet you all.  Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity.  And thank you Tia for collecting all the treasures and sending them to Kerri.

Life with Kerri is blessed by her Hearties and Mateys.


kerri said...

Awesome treasures for an adorable matey

RamblingMother said...

That is one awesome box of treasures! So glad you all survived the flu!

Tammie said...

Oh my gosh! How totally awesome! I love all the treasures Kerri received. Those are some mighty generous pirates in her crew!