Monday, January 26, 2015

Hide and seek.

She's hiding.  Can you see her?  She thinks you can't.

Life with Kerri is the cat's meow.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not done yet....

This is Kerri's current art class project, "Peacock".  Made out of magazine pages cut up and glue so far.  I will post the finished piece when she is done.

Life with Kerri is proud as a peacock.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I remember when...

Hubby brought me a little bag of Cracker Jacks.  As I shared the caramel popcorn with Kerri, I told her that I remembered when it came in a bigger cardboard box, and it would have a cool prize inside. It made me relive my childhood just a little bit.  And then Kerri laughed and told me she was living her childhood.

I told Kerri someday she will have kids and tell them, "I remember when I went on dates with my daddy to the movies."  And daddy told her they would probably ask what that was, because by then movies might be embedded in the chips in their brain.

Kerri said: "When I am older, I would love to tell my kids 'I remember when people went hungry in this world, and that doesn't happen any more'."

Oh if only....

Life with Kerri has a noble heart.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Yesterday cousin David came over and we took Kerri ice skating for the very first time.

Daddy made sure her skates were on nice and tight.

And then he did this for awhile.  So did cousin David.

Eventually she felt secure enough to try it with just hand holding.

And then she went to just one hand.

Then she no longer held hands but looped her hand on Daddy's arm.

I don't remember why she made this face, but it's funny.

She had a lot of fun.

So did Daddy.  Then he tried on his new skates and cousin David took turns helping Kerri learn how to skate.  We joked around that daddy needed more help than Kerri, since he had not worn skates in over 25 years.

And in the end, she let go completely and skated all by herself, without holding onto anything or anyone - but never far from the side boards. We have that on video on my Facebook wall!

Here are the three fearless skaters on ice.

And this was the final result.

After skating, we had some hot chocolate.  We watched a movie, played some games, had dinner, and celebrated cousin David's 35th birthday.  Kerri declared him King David for the day.

Thank you cousin David for spending an awesome Sunday with us, and helping Kerri learn how to skate!  And thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts too.

Life with Kerri wants to go skating every day now, but first needs a helmet.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday fun.

 Friday was a Professional Development day at school, so Kerri had the day off.  We spent the morning with Nana at the bridal place, where we picked up her wedding gown and Kerri's Jr. bridesmaid gown.  Then we headed to Johnny Canuck's, a local restaurant, for some food.  We ended up eating breakfast for lunch.

 When we got back home, Kerri and Nana worked on a new art blog (more news about that in an upcoming post!) and I took Jade to the vet for her yearly shots.  At 20 months of age, she is now weighing 6 kilograms (over 13 pounds).  The vet was very happy to see her huge improvement from when we first got her (she was underweight and really sick, we almost lost her).  Jade now weighs more than Pookie.

When hubby got home from work, we all headed out to Montana's, one of his favorite restaurants, to enjoy a delicious meal.  Nana and Kerri loved drawing on the paper tablecloths.  We all emptied our plates (including appetizers and desserts!).  The only one missing was Meg, who was out rock climbing or doing something sporty (I can't remember which).  We definitely missed her.

When we got home, Nana helped Kerri pull out her back molar baby tooth.  It turns out it was broken in three pieces (probably from when they made the impression in her mouth for her retainer).  There was a lot of tears, blood, and drama involved.  We think Nana missed her calling and should have been a dental assistant!  We are very grateful she was able to coax Kerri through it (in the end, Kerri pulled out the last piece all by herself).

We had a fabulous day and evening with Nana, and ended up taking her home a bit later than usual.

And that was how we spent our fabulous Friday.

Life with Kerri only has one baby tooth left.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting ready.

She is breaking in her new ice skates.

Life with Kerri is going skating!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Feeling blue.

But don't worry, she got fluorescent pink hair spray too.

Life with Kerri is colorful.