Monday, April 13, 2015

Cherry blossom tree.

 Kerri made this today in art class: Cherry blossom tree in watercolor and acrylic paint.
And after I posted it on Facebook, cousin Kim offered her $20.00 to buy it.  It's not for sale though.  Kerri wants to frame and hang this one in her room.

Life with Kerri loves art class.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


  • We had a lovely Easter and Passover holiday.  We had Nana and Meg over on Friday night, and I cooked up a storm.  Hope your holidays were lovely as well for those who celebrate!
  • Every time Meg comes over, we have a "pre-birthday" cake with candles for her.  So far we have tried a chocolate truffle cake, a chocolate truffle cheesecake, and a red velvet cake.  She gets to take the cakes home or to a friend's house, so nothing goes to waste (or our waist).  It has been lots of fun leading up to her big day next week.
  • The brides-to-be and I went to my hair salon to try hair do's for the wedding.  That was fun too!
  • I have been very busy gathering donations for our "adopted" Aboriginal family for our next shipment.  One sad note: Amazon cancelled their free shipping with Prime to the remote Northern locations, and therefore decided to cancel and credit my Prime membership as well without even asking me.  I used to send a box of diapers to our family for $37.00, now Amazon wants $199.99 for the same box!  I am not happy with them at all.  For less than that, I can send a very big box weighing 60 pounds full of more than just diapers through Secureship.  You can't convince me that a huge company like Amazon can't get discounted rates like Secureship.  The greed is just disgusting. It seems that in our attempts to help, we ended up inadvertently hurting the ones who need it most.
  • We finally got our taxes done.  I cannot begin to tell you how much work went into that this year.  Thank goodness I keep every single receipt and track every deductible (that I know of, anyway).  It made a huge difference this year!
  • Kerri starts her new session of art classes tomorrow.  She is really excited, because she truly loves being creative and learning new techniques.  
  • Spring is finally here, well kind of.  It did snow last week.  But we can finally see some grass, and the birds are singing, so it should be here soon!  I was able to finally wash my Mama Mobile (we do not wash cars here in the winter, so it was disgustingly dirty).   
  • Kerri learned how to shop online for clothes.  She picked out a pretty decent list, but mean mommy went through it and deleted half of it.  
  • I finally found a way to get Kerri to clean her room.  We tried bribing her with an allowance, but that didn't work.  She complains it takes too long.  What did work was telling her that her friends can only come over to play if her room is clean.  You would be surprised just how fast she picked up her things when the right motivation is there.  And it took her all of five minutes. (Too long, in Kerri's world apparently).  
  • The rebellion has started too - she had a complete meltdown when she refused to wear winter gear to school and didn't like what I packed her for lunch.  My mommy friends have advised to let her wear what she wants and suffer the consequences, and let her pack her own lunch.  So I tried that.  She came home cold and hungry. We compromised and now we pack her lunch together.  She has the final word what goes and stays in her lunch box.  
  • Kerri has been complaining about stomach aches every time she eats.  Last night she told us she feels like she always has to burp, or sometimes like the food is not going down.  We asked her if she felt bubbles or burning, and it appears she may have acid reflux or some other problem.  We will be going to the doctor to get her checked out and get to the bottom of this.

  • And that's life with Kerri.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2015


    • Kerri decided she wants to continue with art class, so we signed up again for the next three months.  She really concentrates on her art, and really likes the class (which also teaches a bit of art history).  Although it is not her career choice, I think art will always be a part of her life, if not a hobby.
    • Kerri has also decided to re-join the Girl Guide organization.  I am ordering her new uniform and she registers in April.  She will be attending a group with some of her friends, so she is really excited about making new friends.  I am really excited about the chocolate mint cookies we are going to have to sell! Apparently hubby already has competition, one of his colleagues already came around selling Girl Guide cookies for his daughter.
    • Jade showed up looking like this:
             We thought Pookie might have injured her, but it turned out to be glitter nail polish.
    • It snowed yesterday, so no signs of Spring yet! But it is getting a bit warmer.
    • We bought Kerri a Wubble.  Don't waste your money - the thing popped in just a few hours.  
    • I have decided it's time for a new car.  But not yet.  Kerri won't let me get rid of the Mama Mobile, and we think it is because it's been "her" car for her entire life.  So I am slowly checking out cars to try and figure out what to get next.  I am thinking smaller than my van, but bigger than hubby's car.  Any suggestions?
    • And now for a brag - Kerri was selected to attend the WE Day event for her service as a PALS leader and mentor this year.  If you want to learn more, go here:  We are very proud of her, and she is really excited to participate.  
    • This year, we became a sponsor to an Aboriginal family of 6 with newborn twins.  I have met some amazing people in my community who have joined me to co-sponsor, and we have been able to send formula, diapers, food and clothing.  It is a year long commitment.  New friendships have been formed, and I have learned a lot!  But I have received way more than I ever give.  Thank you to my incredible group of kind hearted volunteers, and to our lovely "adopted" Aboriginal family who have inspired me with their love, their history, their strength and perseverance, and the beauty of their culture and nation.
    • The reason I have not been blogging as often is because we have all been sick with what we think is the flu, which then turned into infections.  Kerri is just now getting over it, hubby is still fighting it, and I hope I am at the end of it. Half of Kerri's class got it, and most of hubby's office has it.
    And Life with Kerri is all caught up!

    Saturday, March 21, 2015

    We're a little bit country...

     Hubby bought himself a cowboy hat at the dollar store.
     Kerri found it.
     She got all dressed up to go to the movies with her daddy.
    Me? I just love jeans.

    Life with Kerri is a little bit suburban, a little bit country, and a lot more Canadian nowadays.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    Happy birthday Bobe.

    Today would have been my Mother's 74th birthday.  This picture was taken on her last visit to see us in Canada, right before she was diagnosed with the brain tumour and her health deteriorated.

    Bobe, as Kerri called her, was very close to Kerri, and we all miss her very much.  Kerri lost her at a very young age, and she still questions why someone so special to her had to die so young.  She still wishes she could visit heaven, just to see her Bobe again.

    Life with Kerri is remembering a very special lady today.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015


    Kerri has been really sick for the past week.  She has missed a birthday party, school, art class, and ice skating with cousin David.  Her asthma has also kicked into high gear.  The antibiotics are doing a number on her tummy too.

    Life with Kerri hopes Kerri feels better real soon.

    Monday, March 9, 2015

    New retainer.

    Last week, Kerri set her retainer in some toilet paper on the bathroom counter while she brushed her teeth.  Daddy walked in all sleepy and groggy, picked up the toilet paper, and flushed it down the toilet.  He only realized what he had done at the last second as the retainer went down the pipe.

    So, we had to go back to the orthodontist and get a new impression made.  And today Kerri picked up her new blue sparkly retainer and a new case to put it in (she now has three cases!).  We are hoping that she has learned her lesson and will use the case from now on.  Because retainers aren't cheap!

    In good news, today hubby started a new permanent position that has excellent benefits.  So just in case it happens again, we are now covered.

    Life with Kerri gets a little flushed sometimes.