Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Growth spurt.

Today was the first day in almost 6 months that Kerri did not have to wear snow boots or rain boots to school.  But we almost didn't make it this morning, since we couldn't find a pair of sneakers or outdoor shoes that fit!

It's a good thing hubby started his new job today, because it looks like we're going shopping.

Life with Kerri has big feet.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


  • Hubby got the job!  He starts next week.  I can't tell you how relieved we are.  But I think I just did anyway.
  • Kerri has been home sick the past two days with another viral infection.  She has a fever, sore throat, headache and vomiting.  Yay.
  • Pookie and Jade are finally cuddling and grooming each other.  Although Pookie is still a bit jealous.  We have been making sure we treat them equally and I think he has finally accepted Jade as his buddy.
  • Jade is a trouble maker.  She rules the house and everyone in it.  She has figured out how to open drawers and cupboards.  She can reach anything, anywhere.  And she loves to antagonize Pookie.
  • Kerri is writing a children's book. She wants to get published.  Oy.
  • Last weekend cousin David came over for a fun weekend.  They played glow-in-the-dark mini golf, watched movies, played games, and had an awesome time.  
  • This weekend Nana and Meg are coming over for Easter Sunday, and to celebrate Meg's birthday.
  • My dad is doing great!  We are hoping he goes into remission this summer and that he can come visit. 
  • The doctor says Kerri is four foot four inches tall, and weighs 75 pounds.  She is wearing a size 10-12.
  • He also said I had to add salt to my diet, because my blood pressure is too low and that's what is causing the vertigo/dizzy spells.  And here I thought it was my blonde hair dye.
  • We are celebrating Passover and Easter this week, and wish everyone a peaceful and wonderful holiday.

  • Life with Kerri is going to relax this weekend!

    Friday, April 11, 2014


    This morning, I took Kerri to school.  I kissed her goodbye at the gate and told her to be careful because the melting snow has created puddles and muddy areas.  Kerri jumped a puddle, slipped on mud and went SPLAT! onto her back.  She was covered in mud from head to toe.  We burst out laughing.

    On the way home to change, Kerri jokingly told me it was all my fault.  I reminded her I told her to be careful.  And she said, "And there lies the problem, you were not specific."

    We rushed home, did a quick change, wiped down the car, and hurried back to school.  I had to go with her to the office to sign her in because she was 5 minutes late and the doors were locked.  When we explained why we were late, the receptionist started to laugh.  Turns out, her son did the exact same thing a few days ago!

    Life with Kerri gets dirty sometimes.

    Friday, April 4, 2014

    Conversations with Kerri.

    Hubby and I took advantage that Kerri was out of sight in our bathroom to share a quick hug and kiss.  Hubby said his "Spidey senses were tingling" (we had just finished watching a Spiderman movie) and I giggled.  

    From the bathroom we heard Kerri say: "Eww!  It's a good thing I'm in the bathroom."

    I asked Kerri why she said that, and she replied: "Because you were kissing and I don't want to see that.  That's yuck!"

    I told her someday she may change her mind about kissing, but she doesn't think so.

    Life with Kerri is apparently mortified and embarrassed that mommy and daddy kiss.

    Monday, March 31, 2014

    Life with a tomboy.

    Life with a tomboy means you always have band aids in stock.

    It means you don't panic when Kerri gets whacked in the head with a shovel by accident while building a snow fort with friends.  Or when you have to rush to the doctor because she hyper-extended her fingers and has to wear a brace.  Yes, that all happened this past week.

    Life with a tomboy is actually pretty awesome, because my girly-girl also likes to climb trees, play with the boys, and sports are a big part of her life.  And she does this fashionably: wearing pretty, glittery tops while shooting basketball hoops.

    Life with my tomboy means we can watch hockey or figure skating, football or gymnastics, action-adventure movies or Frozen (over, and over, and over again.).

    Life with this tomboy means her favorite animated princesses all kick tushy: Mulan, Fiona, Elsa, Merida...not a one of them had to marry a Prince Charming and they could all take care of themselves while wearing pretty dresses at the same time - just the way my daughter likes it.

    Life with my tomboy means she is confident, planning her future (right now she wants to be a scientist and find a cure for cancer, but I am sure that will change), taking calculated risks and confronting challenges and bullies.

    Life with our tomboy means we can talk about anything, anytime.  She is not afraid to ask questions, she likes to get dirty and touch bugs (Ewww!), and she is funny.

    And life with a tomboy means she gets to pick her own clothes.  Because those glittery, feminine tops are always paired up with shorts or pants.  But on occasion, she will wear a pretty dress (with shorts underneath, so she is prepared, just in case!).

    Life with my tomboy Kerri rocks.

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    For my Spammers.

    Thank you for all the anonymous comments, or comments that are intended to have me peruse your own sites which have nothing at all to do with my blog or interests.  And thank you for all the international comments, which sometimes I cannot read because I only speak three languages.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I moderate comments on this blog because of the spammers.  And I get quite a few every day!  Some write absolute nonsense, some offer advice - like pick a better title to increase readers.  But if they have been really following or reading my blog, they would realize (if they had any sense) that they are wasting their time.  Because I am not writing this blog to make money, to increase readers, to attract anyone, or to entertain the masses.  The purpose of my blog is to simply share life with our daughter Kerri with our friends and family.  And hey - if someone finds it interesting, good.  I have met people that I didn't know who have told me they were inspired to adopt because of our journey.  I have met people who told me they also faced some of the challenges we experienced, and were glad they could read about how we dealt with them.  I have made friends along the way.

    And yes, I have attracted weirdos too.  Which is why I am very careful about what I put out there.  There are some things we keep private.  In the long run, this blog will be for Kerri to look back on and read.  And she doesn't need to read comments on how to increase her penis size, or where to buy cheap items or drugs.  Neither do I for that matter.

    So as flattering as you try to be, please note that we are just ordinary people who are sometimes put in extraordinary circumstances, muddling through our boring, challenging lives with a sense of humour (I hope).  And if someone can benefit from our experiences, or laugh at our simple lives, well then something positive came out of it.  I even welcome constructive feedback or comments, and value a difference of opinion.  But for the rest of you who are just trying to increase activity on your own sites with your spamming comments, sorry, I won't allow your comments on my blog.  If my readers really want to increase their penis size, they can go see a doctor.

    Life with Kerri is good in moderation. ;)

    Monday, March 24, 2014

    Spring Break, Canadian style.

    When we set our clocks ahead one hour, we were following the "Spring forward" saying.  But I think we pushed Spring forward another month.  Because there are no signs of Spring here!

    Life with Kerri is enjoying the prolonged winter weather, even if everyone else isn't.