Saturday, August 1, 2015

She broke my budget.

I started car shopping, but really did not fall in love with anything at the dealership.  So I decided to take the MamaMobile in for a check up instead, since my front tire was making a sound.

Imagine my surprise when the dealer called me back and told me that the other dealer I had done a brake job with had used after market parts; and that my calipers had seized and parts were sticking (hence the noise) and parts had rotted; and that I had to replace absolutely everything.  Apparently I was running on only one functioning brake (our van had no problems stopping and no noises to alert us anything was wrong with the brakes - we thought the one tire sound was something else).

So, four new rotors and brake pads, three calipers, two wheel hubs and ball bearings and one stabilizer bar later, I handed over $3,702.41 to the dealer.  And drove home my beautiful, old, well loved and sometimes gently used MamaMobile.  She barely has 74,000 miles (aprox. 119,000 kilometres).  And although she is eleven years old, she still has a lot of life left.

I think hubby will be trading his car in way before I do. And in the meantime, I don't have any car payments!  On the other hand, I now have a credit card bill to pay...the MamaMobile broke my budget!

Life with Kerri is too attached to that van.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Found more wedding pictures...

Unfortunately we didn't take a lot of pictures...we just enjoyed every moment!  I can't wait to see the professional photographs.

Life with Kerri should have taken more photos!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wedding weekend.

This was a selfie we took at the wedding rehearsal.  I love how this picture turned out! 

Here is Effy, the beautiful Mother of the Bride (and my sister in law!), and Kerri, the Junior Bridesmaid, and me.  We clean up pretty good!  Pookie just wanted to pose with us, so we let him.
Kerri, ready and waiting to walk down the aisle.  She did a fabulous job!
Mother and daughter, posing while waiting for the professional photographer to take more wedding party pictures.  

Nana and Meg's wedding was intimate and beautiful.  The brides were absolutely gorgeous!  Their wedding vows were amazing, and I cried happy tears.  It was definitely a magical day.  

Life with Kerri celebrated love this weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In other news....

  • Kerri had her final fitting and her nails done.  This weekend she will be walking down the aisle as a Junior Bridesmaid in Nana's wedding. I cannot wait to show you pictures.  
  • I am trying to decide on whether to buy a new car or keep the Mama Mobile.  So far, I am not impressed with any of the cars I have looked at.  I really want to keep my old van.  Hubby really wants me to have a new car.  We are at an impasse.
  • After the heart scare, I have been really trying not to stress out about the little things, and take better care of myself.  I will be glad when things return back to normal.
  • Today I received great news!  I start my medically supervised liquid Optifast diet a week before my 50th birthday.  I will be celebrating early!  
  • My Dad is coming to visit so we can celebrate all our birthdays together this year.  I really am looking forward to his visit!  Every moment I get to spend with him is a gift.
  • Kerri loves her new Privacy Pop Up tent.  We got it for her as a sensory aid, and it makes her feel safe when she goes to sleep in her bed (she can zip it closed like a tent).  It was an instant hit, and worth whatever it cost us.
  • The psychologist has also been helping Kerri with her sleep issues.  We will be working on anxiety next.  And in August Kerri will be undergoing an Psychological Educational Evaluation so we can update her IEP at school.
  • Kerri starts 6th grade on September 8th!  It is her last year in elementary school.  She is growing so much, in so many ways!
  • Jade officially weighs more than Pookie.  We took Pookie to the vet and I was surprised to find out he has always had a heart murmur (they just didn't tell me about it, but it was on his records).
  • Hubby got a CPAP machine today.  I am so looking forward to both of us getting a good night sleep!
And that's life with Kerri.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This morning they left.

And we miss them terribly already.  The house is too quiet.  Kerri wanted to leave with them.  So did we.  Eight days went by way too fast!

We took this picture last night.  We didn't take enough pictures.  I didn't spend enough time chatting with David.  We didn't do nearly as much as we had planned - but we truly enjoyed every precious moment!

Life with Kerri took the godfamily to the airport today.

Friday, July 10, 2015

How the girls spent their time together.

 One of the girls' first outings when they were little was at the mall.  They built bears and donated them to charity.  Eight years later, they got to go again, and this time keep the bears.
 In Chinatown, Kerri took a picture with her Chinese Zodiac sign - she was born in the year of the monkey.
 And Erin was born in the year of the horse.  They also visited Little Italy.
 At cousin David's house, the girls went for a swim in the indoor pool.
And they got photo bombed by David and Kerri's daddy in the far back.

 At home, they played Minecraft either on the TV or on their tablets...
 ...while the moms enjoyed a cup or two.
The girls went to Funhaven, where they played Laser Tag, bumper cars, and arcade games, and then made their own sundaes after eating lunch.
 We had a girls' night out at a sushi restaurant.  Tammie and Erin posed for me.
 Kerri and I posed for Tammie.
And I did a bit of this too, cooking for my loved ones (I have been accused of over-feeding people in the past, so I have a reputation to live up to!).

The girls also went sight seeing downtown, and did some souvenir shopping.

Tomorrow is Tammie, David and Erin's last day here, so we are trying to enjoy every possible moment.  It truly has been wonderful to have them visit, and we will miss them terribly when they leave.

Life with Kerri is making wonderful memories.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Before they even left the airport, the laughter had begun.  I took this picture after we left the airport, while they clowned around in the back seat of the Mama Mobile.
They quickly bonded over Minecraft.  And they have spent pretty much every moment together.
Kerri will soon be 11.  Erin will soon be 13.  And despite their age difference, they still share that unexplainable bond that brought them together, and led to my friendship with Tammie.
We are having a great time with Tammie, David, and Erin.  I keep forgetting to take pictures.  Our home is filled with giggling girls.  Our hearts are happy.

Life with Kerri is reunited - and it's like they have never been apart.