Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And the partying continues.

Monday was Kerri's 10th birthday,  She had school and art class in the early evening.  When she got home, Daddy had made all her favorite foods and we had a chocolate birthday cake and she got to open gifts.

Tuesday cousin David came over and we had another birthday cake for Kerri after dinner.  She opened more presents, and got to spend a fun evening with David.

And the neighborhood kids all came over to wish her a happy birthday too.  So we handed out impromptu party invitations (thank goodness I had some leftover from a previous year), and this weekend we will be having a real birthday party with all the neighborhood families.

I am keeping it simple though.  Pizza, chips, fruit, juice boxes, and cake.  And a pinata.

Today is my birthday, and Friday is my dad's birthday.  We are so lucky to have another year, because every day is a gift.

Life with Kerri is eating way too much birthday cake!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy pre-birthday Kerri!

Kerri's birthday is on Monday.  This year, she did not want a birthday party.  Instead, she asked to celebrate her birthday with Nana and Meg at her favorite sushi restaurant.

So yesterday, we had a little pre-birthday sushi celebration. And it is the last time she will get the children's discount there!

I will make sure Kerri has a few surprises on her actual birthday, but it will be a very busy day since she has school and art class.

Life with Kerri is turning 10 tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She takes this seriously.

 Art, that is.  Kerri was all business as she waited for her first ever professional art lesson.
 And this was the result:
Not bad for her first lesson.  She will be learning drawing, painting, and sculpture.  I can't wait to see what she does next!

Life with Kerri is creative.

Friday, September 5, 2014

It was bound to happen.

She made it through three days of school.  But started complaining about a sore throat on day 2.  And today she was in tears - her throat hurt too much.

So she missed school today and went to the doctor instead.  He thinks it is viral, but did a swab to test for strep throat, just in case.

In the meantime, she is resting comfortably in my bed, playing Minecrack on her tablet, with the T.V. on.  She likes to multi-task.

Life with Kerri got sick at school.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It was *almost* the best day ever.

Kerri is loving 5th grade.  She can't wait to get math homework.  Kerri is excited that her French teacher will be speaking mostly in French.  And although Kerri's French is really lacking, she was surprised she understood the teacher more than she thought she would.  She likes all four of her teachers.

The only thing that she complained about was that she cannot read the board.  At first, she thought it was the teacher's handwriting.  After all, Kerri was sitting in the second row.  So she walked up closer to the board and still could not read it.  The letters were fuzzy and jumbling together.

Last summer, Kerri underwent 4 MRI's of her brain.  She experienced what they *think* was a viral brain infection that severely affected her vision, causing her eyes to lose their stability and her muscles to weaken.  She became cross eyed and started having double vision, severe migraines and vomiting from the pain.  She went through three specialists and four pairs of glasses before they found a fix using bifocals.  She seemed to normalize, and was able to finish fourth grade without any further vision issues.  This summer she has been reading non-stop.  She had no complaints of loss of vision.

As we left the school grounds, I tested her vision as we walked to our car after school.  She couldn't make out the licence plate on the car until she was practically standing in front of it, and she still struggled.  I am not sure if this is vision related, or something else.  After all, Kerri has never had a problem seeing from far away, her glasses were for seeing close up.  I even had her remove her glasses and try to read the plate.  Didn't work.  Her left eye immediately went in, and she grabbed her head in pain.  Something is wrong.

I called her eye specialist right away.  Her next appointment was in April 2015.  We can't wait that long.  They are going to see her in a few weeks.   In the meantime, I sent a note to her teacher.

So Kerri's first day of school was just like the t-shirt she wore, the best day ever.  Almost.

Life with Kerri hopes to have answers soon.  And will probably be getting new glasses.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First day of 5th grade.

Life with Kerri loves school!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I couldn't prove I was Kerri's mom.

On Friday I went to the doctor with the family because I had chest pains and a slight fever.  He gave me antibiotics and we agreed I would be back today by myself (because Kerri was starting school), to bring in Kerri's school paperwork that he needed to sign (permission for the school office to hold and administer her inhaler if needed).

After dropping Kerri off at school, I headed to the doctor.  I got called in, and was sitting in the room waiting patiently, when the doctor's assistant came in and told me she could not discuss the patient (my daughter Kerri) with me and would have to cancel the appointment.  I told her I was Kerri's mother, but she would not budge.  I told her the doctor knew I was coming in for the paperwork to be signed, but she refused to even discuss it.  I even told her we had done this last year.  I reminded her Kerri was a minor.  She refused me.  Ugh!  

I told her I wanted to see the doctor anyway because I was still not feeling well.  She placed the blood pressure cuff on my arm, started the machine, and left the room.  

I heard her talking to the doctor in the hall.  I could feel my blood pressure rising as my cuff inflated. I was livid.  And the machine showed just how much our little spat affected me.

She came back in, finished checking my temperature and blood sugar, and then left the room. Within minutes, our doctor came in and told me the same thing, that he could not discuss the patient with me. I just stared at him in shock.

And then he closed the door, lowered his voice, and said "Let me explain."

He told me that his assistants all had to say that now, because he has no way of knowing who has parental rights - for example, in the cases of foster kids, court appointed guardians, divorced families, nannies, etc. - and that he could get in legal trouble.

I just blinked in disbelief.  

I told him he knew us, that we had been seeing him for the past 7 years, and he saw us all last Friday. I told him I had Kerri's residency and health cards on me.  And then he crossed his arms, leaned forward, and said, "But can you prove you are her mother?"  My mouth just dropped open.  I told him that biologically, no, we did not share DNA, but that I had the adoption papers at home and would be happy to bring them in.  He laughed and said that would not be necessary today for the form, but that I had to understand why he had to implement the new rule.  

He filled out Kerri's paperwork and then we moved on to my health issues.  He sent me to get a chest Xray, in case I have pneumonia.  I was already feeling crappy when I went to his office.  But I now felt ten times worse.  Our beloved doctor, who has taken awesome care of us for the past 7 years, now has his hands tied by legal mumbo jumbo.  And apparently, we now have to walk around with Kerri's adoption records, in case we have to prove we are her parents.    

I still love our family doctor though.  

Life with Kerri got a wake up call today.